Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: David Bowie – Sound And Vision


410 – David Bowie – Sound And Vision (1977)
Written by David Bowie
Produced by Bowie/Tony Visconti
Label – RCA

Ever the innovator, “Sound And Vision” is as wildly experimental as it is commercially powerful. Despite having returned from a largely unhappy, coke addled U.S. sojourn and with few new tunes or lyrics at his disposal, Bowie teamed up with Brian Eno to bring us the incredible “Low” LP. Firstly one notices that the intro is longer than the remainder of the song and the Eventide harmonization of the drum track is a revelation. Add to that Eno’s rudimentary synth embellishments and you’ve got one of the most magnificent singles in rock history. Bowie had composed better songs in his career but the creative vision that drives this single makes for one of rock music’s most dynamic moments.


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