Elvis Presley – His Hand In Mine (1960): Review


Produced by Stephen Sholes
Label – RCA Victor

One often forgets that Presley was steeped in Religious music and it’s ironic that for all the media controversy that accompanied his career, he was a deeply Spiritual artist. “His Hand In Mine” was the first of a number of Gospel albums that Elvis recorded during his career, and of these, this is often regarded as his best. He would say that all of his music came from Gospel, citing the fact that he knew every Gospel song that had ever been written. Posthumously, Presley was inducted to the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame in 2001, 24 years after his death. Also worth noting, is how prolific Elvis was at this point in his career. “His Hand In Mine”, was one of three original recordings from 1960.


Some Presley fans argue that he saved his best vocal performances for his Gospel albums, and there is without doubt substance to the argument. His vocal performance is perfectly sweet, and even Elvis detractors have to admit that whatever the quality of his material, he still had a fine voice. Every song on this album is delivered with great passion, starkly produced and arranged, and superbly backed by The Jordanaires. O.K, so there is no hip shaking swingers, and of course this isn’t the music that made him famous, but for a different take on the Presley phenomenon, “His Hand In Mine” is well worth a listen.


Track Listing
1. “His Hand In Mine”
2. “I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs”
3. “In My Father’s House”
4. “Milky White Way”
5. “Known Only to Him”
6. “I Believe in the Man in the Sky”
Side two
1. “Joshua Fit the Battle”
2. “He Knows Just What I Need”
3. “Swing Down Sweet Chariot”
4. “Mansion Over the Hilltop”
5. “If We Never Meet Again”
6. “Working on the Building”

His Hand In Mine

Mansion Over The Hilltop

Milky White Way

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