Gail Ann Dorsey – The Corporate World (1988): Review


Produced by Nathan East
Label – Warner Bros

By the time Dorsey released “The Corporate World”, her debut, she was well established as a top bass session musician and backing vocalist, and in high demand by artists such as The The, Tears For Fears, and Gang Of Four. Her continuation of the session musician career would continue with David Bowie after two solo albums, this and 1992’s “Rude Blue”. Her musical input would increase on Bowie tours to include clarinet along with bass and vocal duties. Having learned to play guitar from the age of 9 and taking the decision to switch to bass at the age of 20, Dorsey originally tried a Hollywood screen writing career in California, then switched to the music industry which offered the security and career development to carry her throughout the 80s and 90s.


Teaming up with artist and producer Nathan East, “The Corporate World” is a fine collection of songs, performed well, with highlights including “Wasted Country”, “Where Is The Love?”, “If Only You”, and the fine closer, “Carry Me Off To Heaven”. Many of the songs carry a political message, challenging one to think of modern capitalist, corporate and moral decay which appears heartfelt. Mixing between AOR, rock and soul, the only criticism would be the typically 80s sterile, cold production effort. Dorsey’s vocals are warm, the instrumental background is pale and unimaginative. Even the inclusion of and Eric Clapton guitar solo on “Wasted Country” doesn’t seem to raise the temperature. A shame really, because there are some pretty good moments.


Track Listing
1 So Hard to Let You Go
2 Wasted Country
3 Where Is Your Love?
4 If Only You
5 Just Another Dream
6 Corporate World
7 No Time
8 S.W. 4
9 Carry Me off to Heaven

Wasted Country

Where Is Your Love?

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