Go West – Dancing On The Couch (1987): Review

go west

Label – Chrysalis

How do you kill a Pop career in a stroke ? Ask Go West, because they did it in 1987 by
releasing the less than chart friendly “Dancing On The Couch”. Having enjoyed massive success with their Pop/Soul tinged debut (“Go West”) which was packed full of potential chart material, Peter Cox and Richard Drummie elected to approach the more selective adult pop audience. The album bombed, and although they would have a brief resurrection in the early 90’s, their career was effectively killed when this album just managed to break the UK top 20, and none of the 3 singles would make it inside the top 40. So where did it all go wrong? Is the album really that bad ? Quite honestly, no it isn’t, but it is just so un-memorable.

The title for the album came from the Novel “The Red Couch: A Portrait Of America” and it seems that initially there was an effort by the duo to create a more lyrically serious album with less emphasis on catchy hooks and a more polished adult theme. Where it works is on the MaCarthyist ballad “Little Caesar” and the Kate Bush assisted “The King Is Dead”, which serenely eases out some smooth cocktail jazz overtones. The rest just seems to drift along aimlessly, and even the singles “I Want To Hear It From You” and “True Colours” lack focus and dimension. It isn’t helped by the synth heavy pop production effort from Gary Stevenson and the album genuinely misses organic instrumentation. Singer Peter Cox does his best to create something more ear catching, but it seems he’s working to plan, whilst the instrumental backing is purely aimed at the light teen pop market.

“Dancing On The Couch” for all its good intentions, remains staid, safe and predictable.


Track Listing
1.”I Want to Hear It from You” – 3:43
2.”Little Caesar” – 4:28
3.”Masque of Love” – 4:06
4.”From Baltimore to Paris” – 5:47
5.”True Colours” – 3:56
6.”The King Is Dead” – 4:27
7.”Chinese Whispers” – 4:14
8.”Let’s Build A Boat” – 3:41
9.”Crossfire” – 4:31
10.”Dangerous” – 3:55

I Want To Hear It From You

From Baltimore To Paris

The King Is Dead

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