Jet – Shine On (2006): Review


Produced by Dave Sardy
Label – Atlantic

There’s a temptation to feel that the powers of The Gallaghers have inadvertently infected Nic Cester’s songwriting pen. Cester and his band, Jet, have spent months on the road supporting Oasis and we all know that Noel and Liam have powerfully opinionated personalities. So much so, that these Australians have become a schizophrenic Jekyll and Hyde band; an amalgam of their tried and trusted 70’s Rock ‘n Roll boogie which served them well on their 2003 debut “Get Born”, and a muddy re-interpretation of The Beatles, and of course Oasis. Cester’s vocal begins to mimic Noel Gallagher’s nasal tones on the song “Come On, Come On” and they’ve even gathered the ignominious tag “The Shitty Beatles” in their homeland. They employ Dave Sardy to produce, a man who’s last major production effort was…yes you’ve guessed it…”Don’t Believe The Truth” by the one and only Oasis. Personally, one feels the obvious dereliction of what made Jet popular in the first place will prove to be a major creative mistake, because the band were always better when they didn’t think too hard, and just did what they did best by re-inventing old AC/DC licks and hammering out faintly macho, high powered tunes with enthusiastic gusto. And Cester sounds far more convincing when he’s trying to be Bon Scott than Lennon as noted by the few remaining strong songs on “Shine On” that lean towards their popular debut.


When Jet up the ante, taking their powered riffs and thunder through some swagger rock, they’re a fine band, but “Shine On” painfully contains few examples of this. The single, “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” is powerful balls to the wall vitality, and “That’s All Lies”, “Stand Up” and “Rip It Up” shows that when the volumes go up and the neanderthalic power surges through, the band still have enough to keep the listener entertained. Why then, do they have to resort to dated Britpop and fab four futility? “Bring It On Back”, “Hey Kids” “Shine On”, and many others are just wishy washy pastiches, lacking energy, originality, and remain just stupid dot to dot music that leaves one cold. Whilst every band have to show some form of creative progress, Jet were never a wildly progressive band to start with and they would have been better suited to work on their strengths.

Strictly third generation, “Shine On” is a creative black hole of misplaced homage to Britpop and the Beat generation. It uses tired formulae, a pointless straitjacket of noise, and is as dreary as “Be Here Now” by the band Jet are hopelessly trying to emulate; Oasis.


Track Listing
1. “L’esprit D’escalier” 0:23
2. “Holiday” 3:25
3. “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” 2:32
4. “Bring It on Back” 4:09
5. “That’s All Lies” 2:43
6. “Hey Kids” (omitted on Australian editions) 3:14
7. “Kings Horses” 3:20
8. “Shine On” 4:36
9. “Come On, Come On” 4:24
10. “Stand Up” 4:33
11. “Rip It Up” 3:19
12. “Skin and Bones” 3:17
13. “Shiny Magazine” 3:28
14. “Eleanor” 3:34
15. “All You Have to Do” 4:38

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Bring It On Back

Rip It Up

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