Kubichek! – Not Enough Night (2007): Review


Produced by Dave Eringa
Label – 30:30 Recordings

Take a step back a few years and along with Maximo Park, Futureheads and Field Music, Newcastle’s Kubichek! were expected to be odds on for commercial success. The fact that they still lurk in the relative shadows of the aforementioned Tyneside bands points to a combination of bad luck, lack of creative progression and a UK market swamped by bands of a similar ilk. Indeed, the current scene is awash with straight ahead Rock bands with an alternative slant towards the likes of Interpol and Editors, few of them mustering up the immense atmosphere created by their peers. Sadly, Kubichek! are a full blown example of a band who have threatened but never delivered, and the damning indictment of this is portrayed succinctly by “Nightjoy”, a song originally released as a single on the Plastic Fantastic label in August 2005. In the intervening period the band have had ample opportunity to progress and fill the potential generated by this blisteringly catchy song. As we receive their debut long player “Not Enough Night” two years later, “Nightjoy” remains infinitely more memorable than any the rest, and is probably the only moment that could woo the passing listener into investigating the rest of their work, which frankly pales into insignificance in comparison.


“Not Enough Night” is a record created for an empty stadium. Manic Street Preachers producer Dave Eringa has cranked up the guitar tracks, boosted the rhythm tracks up to stomp like the multitudes, but somewhere along the way they all forgot that almost every song sounds exactly the same. The all too familiar single note vocal melodies, and the instrumental delivery tends towards single paced. Granted, there is nothing here to particularly object to, but then again there seems little objective. Obviously therefore, the songs that work and resonate more of the listener’s interest come from the top, the fast charged “Roman Is Better”, the sharp Guitar of “Taxi”, and the atmospheric echoes of “Hope Is Impossible” at least garner attention. But from “Stutter” onwards the familiarity of every note breeds an incredible urge to drift away from Kubichek!, It’s all well meaning, honest rock music about provincial life, but musically and creatively it’s all pretty sterile.

“Not Enough Night” is a record consistently sabotaged by the disappointing mediocrity and criminal familiarity of the chosen material


Track Listing
1.”Searchers” – 0:22
2.”Roman Is Better” – 3:15
3.”Taxi” – 2:49
4.”Nightjoy” – 3:28
5.”Hope Is Impossible” – 4:53
6.”Stutter” – 3:21
7.”Method Acting” – 3:36
8.”Outwards” – 3:10
9.”Opening Shot” – 2:57
10.”Hometown Strategies” – 3:30
11.”Start As We Meant To” – 5:00
12.”Just Shut It Down” – 3:17



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