Honeyz – Wonder No.8 (1999): Review


Produced by Steve Levine, Steve Robson, Simon Climie, Ignorants
Label – Universal

The Honeyz were a short lived pop/R&B group created by management team 1st Avenue in 1997. The three piece came to prominence the following year with a string of hit singles, with bosses Oliver Smallman and Denis Ingoldsby looking to replicate the success they had enjoyed with Eternal from earlier in the decade. The late 90s was awash with boy/girl groups, all seemingly following a pop blueprint originally developed by Stock, Aitkin and Waterman with a strictly organised media assault, stock songwriters and well versed producers guiding singers who may have been limited musically, but looked good in a bikini top, making the “girl power” pop ethic of the late 90s strictly subservient to a male audience. Whilst label mates Eternal had an identity, Honeyz were hampered by a revolving door of group personnel which left the teen listeners with little to focus on.

Former Culture Club producer Steve Levine was brought in to produce “Wonder No.8”. At that time he was an early advocate of the dreaded auto-tune pitch correction application, which may explain the slick but soul less vocals from singers Celena Cherry, Heavenly Abdi and Naima Belkhaiti. Whilst the singles “Finally Found”, “Never Let You Down”, “Love Of A Lifetime” and particularly “End Of The Line” are genuinely interesting, much of the remainder is an inane trawl through the banal sonic mechanics of a group manufactured purely to sell records with an R&B sound that is as indistinct as much of the deliberately driven chart music of the late decade.

Awash with all the deliberate pop/R&B clichés, “Wonder No.8” is little more than heartless clone, aping tiresome lyrical and vocal styles of the time to the point of dreary predictability.


Track Rating
1 – Finally Found 6
2 – Never Let You Down 7
3 – Won’t Take It Lying Down 6
4 – Do Me Baby 5
5 – Keep Me Hanging On 4
6 – Love Of A Lifetime 7
7 – Just Let Go 6
8 – In The Street 4
9 – Seems Like 5
10 – Good Love 4
11 – Somebody To Love 5
12 – Summertime 5
13 – Wonder No. 8 6
14 – What Does She Look Like 4
15 – End Of The Line 8

Never Let You Down


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