Pete & The Pirates – Little Death (2008): Review


Produced by Gareth Parton
Label – Stolen

In this age of instant hits by shallow tits it’s pretty startling that this five piece from Reading have taken three years to record their debut album. It primarily suggests that their record company (Stolen) are immensely patient with their charges, enabling the band to hone their live skills and develop a strong nucleus of songs. Pete & The Pirates’ muse isn’t groundbreaking. Their energetic mix of English indie/punk has been packaged in many different forms by far more important bands over the past few years, but, and it’s a big but, “Little Death” stands as a creditable debut from a band who have managed to squeeze every last drop out of their creative pool to provide the listener with a highly charged, fun packed collection of songs. The jagged guitars rip through snappily penned odes to everyday emotions, and the strong dual vocals of Thomas Sanders and Pete Hefferan provide an interesting alternative to the countless English indie bands that employ singers whose vocal style is either fey or wimpy, or they can’t hold a tune in a bucket if their life depended on it.


The album is illuminated by sonic themes which show more ebullient bravado than direct invention, but “I’ll Love”, “Come On Feet” and “She Don’t Belong To Me” kicks off the album with surging sincerity, and highlight the band’s sense of fun. “Mr Understanding” exhilarates, with Sanders quaint cooing and a killer chorus re-energizing an album that starts to run out of steam as the tracks pass by. To place the best song at track nine is a good move because it holds the listener’s interest through the remainder of this collection, particularly as the middle of the album loses some impact (“Knots”, “Humming”). “Little Death” won’t change your world, and that was never the intention, but for honest, fun packed indie music there’s little to criticize.

You’d think that the tried and trusted riffs offset by frantic rhythms would grate after a few tracks, but “Little Death” grows with each listen because Pete And The Pirates play to their strengths; which is writing simple hooks and performing them with honest gusto and carefree bonhomie.


Track Listing
1.”I’ll Love” – 2:42
2.”Come On Feet” – 2:38
3.”She Doesn’t Belong To Me” – 1:59
4.”Lost In The Woods” – 2:19
5.”Moving” – 2:26
6.”Knots” – 2:13
7.”Humming” – 2:58
8.”Dry Wing” – 2:26
9.”Mr. Understanding” – 3:14
10.”Bears” – 2:55
11.”Eyes Like Tar” – 2:50
12.”Song For Today” – 4:06
13.”Bright Lights” – 3:10

Come On Feet


Mr Understanding

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