Skrillex – Bangarang EP (2011): Review


Produced by 12th Planet, Wolfgang Gartner, Kill the Noise, Skrillex, Varien
Label – Big Beat, Atlantic, OWSLA

2012 began with the escalating rise of dubstep, with many heralding it as the most vital development in electronic music for years. At the forefront of this new phenomenon was Skrillex (or Sonny Moore to to his Mom), who had already achieved 5 grammy award nominations in his homeland for a brand of uncomplicated but effective fist pumping beat music with bass drops a plenty and shrill adrenalized synth stabs. The “Bangarang EP” kicks off with the infectious “Right In”, clearly defining Skrillex’s trademark bass beats and clipped vocal samples drawing much from his 90s influencers, Aphex Twin and The Prodigy. The collaboration with waif like songstress Ellie Goulding is as appealing, as the violent sonic thunder is momentarily replaced by softer instrumental melodies that almost hark back to Robert Miles some 17 years earlier.Whilst this works, the bringing together the remaining members of The Doors proves disappointing in that the resultant recording sounds like a 60s original played to a light Latino rhythm overlaid with ham-fisted sub bass boom beats and chronically out of step Jim Morrison spoken word interjections. The rest is mainly unchallenging, with Skrillex relying on repetitive vocal clips, uninspired rhythm tracks and gimmicky computer generated keyboard loops.


The “Bangarang” EP has a couple of genuine moments of invention, but all too often Skrillex’s pummelling aural assault dies prematurely within the confines of the speakers, never engaging the listener beyond a passing acknowledgement that electronic dance music really hasn’t moved on in the last 20 years.


Track Rating
1 – Right In – 7
2 – Bangarang (feat Sirah) 6
3 – Breakn’ A Sweat 5
4 – The Devil’s Den 6
5 – Right On Time 5
6 – Kyoto (feat Sirah) 6
7 – Summit (feat Ellie Goulding) 7

Break’n A Sweat




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