The Hooters – One Way Home (1987): Review


Produced by Rick Chertoff, Eric Bazilian, Rob Hyman
Label – Columbia

By the time of release of their 3rd album “One Way Home”, The Hooters were already an established chart act, having achieved significant success with the MTV staple “And We Danced”, and the corresponding album “Nervous Night”. In addition to this, chief songwriters Rob Hyman (Keyboards/Vocals), and Eric Bazilian (Guitar/Vocals), were enjoying the fruits of Cyndi Lauper’s success, having written and performed on her breakthrough 1983 album “She’s So Unusual”. Anticipation could not have been greater for this 1987 release, and although “One Way Home” was not supported by any smash singles, it would go on to remain in the U.S charts for a number of months and achieve Gold sales status. Drawing heavily on traditional instruments such as the Melodica, Mandolin, and Accordian, the album blends traditional eclectic folk and rock with quite stunning results. From the nagging insistence of the opening keyboard flurry and Edge style ;ead guitar on the opener “Satellite”, one is taken through a series of brilliantly performed songs, none lacking in energy or originality, and draw comparisons with R.E.M., U2 and Del Amitri at their best.


Following on from the outstanding “Satellite”, the startling quality continues with “Carla With A K”, which contains one of the most memorable traditional Celtic folk intro’s I have ever heard, and is a great love song. “Johnny B”, “Graveyard Waltz” and “Fighting On The Same Side” continue the momentum unabated and just when one thinks that the quality of writing will start to meander on Side Two,the listener is again pleasantly shocked by “Washington Day”, a gargantuan ballad, comparing the vitality of love to the most important day in American history. The song seems to have so much a traditional earthy feel, that one might have thought it had been sung around campfires since Independence Day, so memorable is the song. The band would release two more less well received original albums and a live set, and Bazilian and Hyman would go on to write for artists such as Joan Osborne, and would leave the world with this album as something worth cherishing. Almost full marks, but for the slightly clumsy reggae on the title track “One Way Home”.

Buy, borrow, or steal, it’s your choice, but don’t let it pass you by.


Track Listing

A1 Satellite 4:18
A2 Karla with a K 4:41
A3 Johnny B 3:58
A4 Graveyard Waltz 6:29
B1 Fightin’ on the Same Side 4:16
B2 One Way Home 5:33
B3 Washington’s Day 5:52
B4 Hard Rockin Summer 3:02
B5 Engine 999 4:10


Karla With A K


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