Do Me Bad Things – Yes! (2005): Review

Label – Atlantic

Is the world ready for the return of soul tinged rock? Maybe not in the form of Do Me Bad Things, but that doesn’t stop the South London 9 piece from taking us back 20 years, where lead guitar licks were King, and a penchant for the overblown was taken as the norm. Do Me Bad Things tick all of these boxes with aplomb, and add a soul singer (Chantal Brown) to compete with the melodramatic guitar intricacies. Formed in the South London Pub circuit around the start of 2003, the band built a strong live following based on their obvious heavy rock sounds allied to a deliberate eccentricity towards their stage show, wearing outrageous costume, make up and defiantly refusing to commit to a specific genre.

“Yes!” the band’s debut is as eccentric as their live shows suggest. Flashes of funk, and genuine pop flesh out some powerful metal tunes, allied to some strong vocal performances and some smart ascending harmonies from the full time 3 piece backing line up. Lead guitarist and joint lead songwriter Alex Lewis adds some top class fretwork in the classic 70s style. The first two tracks on the album stand out as the best, the frantic, bombastic “Time For Deliverance”, and the genre hopping sweetly performed “What’s Hideous”. In addition, the debut single “The Song Rides” and the classic rock closer “Hold On” also show the full repertoire of the band.

A great debut, but the problem is, they are going to get branded in as a mix between The Darkness and Scissor Sisters, which quite honestly does them a disservice. Judge for yourselves, but I take “Yes” on its own merit, and it is damn good.


Track Listing
1.”Time for Deliverance”
2.”What’s Hideous”
4.”The Song Rides”
5.”Off the Hook”
6.”Liv Ullman on Drums (Move in Stereo)”
7.”Molly’s Wood”
8.”Suburban Flame”
9.”The Daily Grind”
10.”Hold On”

Time For Deliverance

What’s Hideous

The Song Rides


2 responses to “Do Me Bad Things – Yes! (2005): Review

  1. That’s great news. Let’s hope it’s more than one show. It will be great to have them back. Thanks for the info

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