Mumford & Sons – Babel (2012): News

Today (24/09) sees the long awaited release of “Babel”, from Indie Folk band Mumford & Sons. Chances are that the album will veer little in style and content from its predecessor, the multi platinum award winning “Sigh No More” from 2009. Says bass player Ted Dwayne “The ingredients are very much the same; the four core instruments and a lack of a drummer, which can give it that strange, simple, unique sort of sound. I don’t think we were looking to be too crazy and experimental.”

1 Babel
2 Whispers in the Dark
3 I Will Wait
4 Holland Road
5 Ghosts That We Knew
6 Lover of the Light
7 Lovers’ Eyes
8 Reminder
9 Hopeless Wanderer
10 Broken Crown
11 Below My Feet
12 Not With Haste

I Will Wait


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