Animal Collective – Centipede Hz (2012): News

Animal Collective release “Centipede Hz” today (09/04) on Domino Records. The album welcomes back founder member Josh Dibb (Deakin) to the fold.The group wanted a continuous sound when playing the Centipede Hz songs live, thus they used radio interference to do so. Avey Tare noted, “My brother was a DJ when I was growing up, and there was a radio station called B104 in Baltimore. He had recently got a CD of all the radio identifications that come between [songs], and we were going back through everything, listening to how weird and spacey and experimental it sounded. When you add that element to radio, it’s this weird form of musique concrète. We thought it would be cool and also a little funny to have something like [sings like a radio segue] “more continuous music” in our live set, just because that’s our style of playing.”

1. Moonjock
2. Today’s Supernatural
3. Rosie Oh
4. Applesauce
5. Wide Eyed
6. Father Time
7. New Town Burnout
8. Monkey Riches
9. Mercury Man
10. Pulleys
11. Amanita

Today’s Supernatural


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