Noisettes – Contact (2012): Review

And so the transformation is complete. In the space of three long players London’s Noisettes have transformed from retro-indie mimics to a full assault pop machine. “Contact” is a polished affair, splicing together the merest hints that they once had a genuine identity (“That Girl”) with chart oriented electro pop and watered down soul that wouldn’t sound out of place on any Cheryl Cole/Cher Lloyd/X Factor contestant’s record. Indeed, if you are attracted by “That Girl” then don’t expect anything in the same mould, because the remainder is a collection of superficial, mildly marketable cliche’s of modern pop music.


1 – Transmission Will Start
2 – I Want You Back
3 – Final Call
4 – Winner
5 – Let The Music Play
6 – Travelling Light
7 – That Girl
8 – Ragtop Car
9 – Never Enough
10 – Love Power
11 – Free
12 – Star
13 – Contact


That Girl


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