Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: The Kingsmen – Louie Louie (1963)

432 – The Kingsmen – Louie Louie (1963)
Written by Richard Berry
Produced by Ken Chase & Jerry Dennon
Label – Jerden/Wand

Leave aside the continuous references that this record pioneered garage rock and proto punk and what remains? The true joy of “Louie Louie” is that a bunch of amateur musicians can walk into a recording studio and make a record for $50 in one take, slap it on a 7″ piece of vinyl and reach number 2 in the Billboard singles chart. Radio station bans and the obvious murky profanity that one can at hear at about one minute into the song only helps maintain the legend. A brilliant party song that threw away any notion that one had to be a good musician to sell huge amounts of records. As teen spirited recordings go, this is the pinnacle.


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