Shack – …The Corner Of Miles & Gil (2006): Review

Whilst most of what Oasis’s Liam Gallagher speaks has to be put through a bullshit filter, brother Noel is a muso with an interesting and passionate love of his art. So when he signed former Pale Fountains members Mick and John Head and their 4 piece collective Shack to his own Sour mash label, and immediately claimed “they’re his current favourites”, one has to take notice. Even fellow Liverpudlians The Coral and The Zutons have feted Shack’s Psychedelic Pop as an influence, and yet over an 18 year career and with 4 albums already under their belt, one wonders why the band remain virtually unknown. Maybe the sudden upsurge in positive press from the musical peers will push “…The Corner Of Miles And Gil” to the mainstream conscience which, judging by the 12 songs on this release, is a reward they truly deserve.

Named after their heroes, Jazz masters Miles Davis and Gil Evans, the album charts the intoxicating mix of simple North West England Pop, with a swirling nod to west coast 60’s Americana from the likes of The Byrds and Love. The opening single and highlight “Cup Of Tea” is effortless melodic Pop, perfectly enhanced by John Head’s vibrant Lead Guitar. Other beauties include the gentle brassy S&M story, “Tie Me Down” where Head tells his lover “In that little cupboard there’s some Ties”, the movingly acoustic “Shelley Brown” and the wall of Acoustic Guitars number, “New Day”.

Passionately uplifting and wholly quaint, I’m with Noel on this one, and although Shack are not the “New Favourite Band”, they’re sure to be not far off with this sweet musical adventure.


1 Tie Me Down 3:33
2 Butterfly 4:50
3 Cup of Tea 3:35
4 Shelley Brown 4:25
5 Black And White 5:13
6 New Day 3:54
7 Miles Away 5:31
8 Finn Sophie Bobby and Lance 4:18
9 Moonshine 4:02
10 Funny Things 2:21
11 Find a Place 5:48
12 Closer 5:24

“Cup Of Tea”


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