Miles Kane – Colour Of The Trap (2011): Review

Hack Stats

Q Magazine – 8
Mojo – 8
The Independent – 8
Music OMH – 7
BBC Music – 7
NME – 7
Drowned In Sound – 7
The Hackskeptic – 7
Uncut – 6
Independent On Sunday – 6
The Guardian – 6

Average Rating 7/10

Given the success of Miles Kane’s high profile side project with Alex Turner as The Last Shadow Puppets it seems odd that the Liverpudlian has took three years to capitalise on the recognition with the release of his debut solo album. Maybe the deliberate delay was affected by Kane’s insistence to working with the ever busy Turner again, and this necessary patience leads to six co-written songs. The resultant collection is an authentic stab at late 60s/early 70s retro pop that’s well carved and appealing, but lacks a distinct individuality.

Produced by Dan Carey and Dan The Automator the emphasis is laid on capturing the spirit of a bygone era confidently articulated in strong melodies and bold choruses. It mostly works well, with the Stones styled licks of the opener “Come Closer” which is both brash and intense in equal measure. “Quicksand” is a perfect slab of bubbly 60’s pop, and the breathless garage rock of leadoff single “Inhaler” is the highlight of the collection. There are however occasions when Kane’s influencers seem to shadow his own identity, with “Mr Fantasy” treading too closely to Marc Bolan’s Kaftan tail, making for a wishy washy parody that isn’t helped by Noel Gallagher’s strained backing harmonies. “Counting Down The Days” disguises itself as leisurely west coast posturing when really it has the cumulative substance of being stuck at Birkenhead dock on a grey winter evening. That said, Kane’s time travels are pretty convincing and fans of The Last Shadow Puppets album will find much to enjoy.

Raiding the past convincingly is never easy, but overall Miles Kane has used his love of late 60s and early 70s pop to create another impressive performance that rivals the critical merits awarded to his work with Alex Turner.


Track By Track Rating

1 – Come Closer 7

2 – Rearrange 7

3 – Mr Fantasy 6
4 – Counting Down The Days 6
5 – Happenstance 6
6 – Quicksand 7
7 – Inhaler 8

8 – Kingcrawler 7
9 – Take The Night From Me 6,
10 – Telepathy 7
11 – Better Left Invincible 7
12 – Colour Of The Trap 7


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