Yuck – Yuck (2011)

Hack Stats

Q Magazine – 8
NME – 8
The Independent – 8
The Guardian – 8
Music OMH – 8
BBC Music – 8
The Hackskeptic – 7
The Fly – 7
Uncut – 6
The Independent On Sunday – 6
Drowned In Sound – 4

Average 7.1/10

For a band to create a unique identity, they generally have to collate their range of influences to a narrow sonic palette, and then deliver their own personality and creative skills to drive through something that offers a tempting individuality for the listener. Judged purely by their debut long player, Yuck have certainly taken aural snapshots from credible 90s music in a multitude of guises for their own brand of noise pop. Excellent as it is, the opener “Get Away” sounds incredibly like Billy Corgan fronting up The Strokes as a distorted lead guitar melody is snapped into life by a tight bass rhythm, swirling effects, and a typically tinny drum accompaniment.

The shoegaze inspiration that fills ”Georgia” instantly recalls My Bloody Valentine, and as each song wends its way into one’s consciousness , Elliot Smith and Pavement (“Suicide Policeman”), and Dinosaur Jr (“Holing Out”) are never far from one’s thoughts. In stark contrast, the exhausting, aimless dirge of the closer “Rubber”, results in blurry disappointment, particularly when compared to all before it. Still, there’s plenty to admire on this debut, and if there is a reservation, it’s that there’s too few generic parameters for the album to truly draw a specific audience. It touches all bases, but doesn’t truly penetrate to home plate.

If someone passed this debut to you disguised on an old cassette tape marked “90s Indie Rock mixtape”, you’d believe it without question.


Track By Track

1 Get Away 8

2 The Wall 7
3 Shook Down 7
4 Holing Out 7
5 Suicide Policeman 7

6 Georgia 6
7 Suck 6
8 Stutter 7
9 Operation 8
10 Sunday 7
11 Rose Gives a Lily 6
12 Rubber 5

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